Pre Tanning Tips

1. Pre Wax

Please try and wax at least 24-48 hours prior to your spray tan appointment. This gives your skin time to settle and your pores time to close.

2. Shower & Exfoliate

Please shower and exfoliate at least 2 hours before your spray tan. This will provide a more even, longer and clean spray tan.

3. Elbows, Knees & Ankles

When exfoliating please pay attention to the elbows, knees, ankles and problem dry areas.

4. Products to Avoid

Avoid using bar soaps, high PH shower products, oil-based products or in shower products for 24 hours prior to tanning.

On The Day Of Your Tan

1. Avoid Products on Your Skin

Please avoid wearing perfumes, moisturisers, and deodorant.

2. What to Wear

Wear loose clothing and preferably thongs for footwear. If you have long hair, then this should be tied up. We do provide G-strings, hair nets and baby wipes for you.

3. Avoid Swimming & Sweating

For the 24 hours after your spray tan we recommend that you avoid all swimming, saunas and vigorous exercise as sweating can inhabit the development of your tan.

Post Tan Care

1. No Hot Water

After your recommended development time is up, shower
from 45-60 seconds with lukewarm water only. DO NOT USE HOT WATER as it will stop the development of the tan process.

2. Tanning Process

It will appear that most of your tan is washing off, this Is the excess bronzer. (Within the next 12-24 hours you will start to see your tan darkening).

3. Soap Products to Avoid

Do not use any soaps, shower gels, shampoos, loofahs, etc whilst washing off your tan.

4. Pat your skin dry

Pat your skin dry. Do not rub or scrub your skin.

5. Moisturise your skin

Moisturise your skin the following day with the correct aftercare that has been advised for you. The more your skin is hydrated the longer you tan will last.

Removing your Spray Tan

1. Take A Long Hot Shower

Start off with a long hot shower or bath to soften the skin.

2. Products to Exfoliate With

Exfoliation products to be used such as; Body scrubs, mitts, straps, products containing exfoliating acids (glycolic and lactic).

3. Exfoliate & Hydrate

Please note that you may not be able to remove all tan on the first go, a second exfoliation process maybe required. Remember to hydrate your skin after you exfoliate