Pre Waxing Tips

Our certified team of specialists waxing and beauty specialists have shared their do's, don't and waxing tips to best prepare you for a feel good waxing experience.

Ensure your hair growth is the right length aim for ¼ to ½ inch of hair. This allows the wax to grip the hair effectively. (Stop shaving at least two weeks before your appointment)

Use our exfoliating gloves or our waxd body scrubd on the area a day or two before waxing. This removes dead skin cells, helps wax adhere better, reduces ingrown hairs and leaves your skin smoother. 

Do not use lotions, oils, or creams on the day of waxing as they can interfere with the wax adhering to the hair  

Don't use retinol creams before waxing as they can make your skin more sensitive 

If you're on prescription acne medications, avoid waxing; Tweeze instead to prevent skin damage 

Avoid waxing over a sunburn as it can make waxing uncomfortable or potentially worse the condition 

Take pain reliever 30 minutes before your appointment if needed, to lessen the discomfort during waxing

More Tips

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